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You Know What I've Been Wondering? is a comedy, history, and culture podcast answering some of life's craziest questions. What are the actual origins of astrology? Why is Kombucha so popular? Who are the Bird Truthers? You ask, we answer. This is the opposite of mansplaining.


Sarah is a teaching artist and director from West Chester, Pennsylvania (Go Birds!). When Sarah isn't at her office job or her after-school job (a rare occurrence), she enjoys reading a good book, reading her tarot cards, or reading conspiracy theories. She's a true crime expert and very proud Ravenclaw. Sarah recently received her Master's Degree in Educational Theatre at NYU and will debate the importance of arts education until the sun burns out. She loves margaritas, Bob's Burgers, and her fellow Leos (including Jane!) Sarah has lived with Jane for 18 months and, just based off of smart investing, thinks it's about time they started a business together.

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Jane Bertelsen

Jane is from Maine. Jane has a curious brain. Jane is an airplane. Ok, that last one isn't true but it rhymes. Jane has a degree in theatre from Muhlenberg College and when she isn't wrangling children at Wingspan Arts, she is kick-starting a career in theatre! Jane loves doing anything creative, particularly performance and visual arts. You can also catch her on the Youtube Channel Lunarbuzz Productions. Given how much room in her brain is taken up by an unnecessarily detailed memory of every single DCOM ever made, this podcast is the perfect opportunity for Jane to actually learn some new, useful, information. Much love to her cats, her family, and her amazing partner in this fun, new project, Sarah.

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Sarah Bedwell

What have you been wondering?