A podcast where two roommates ask each other about all the things we should know about - but don't. You Know What I've Been Wondering? is a comedy, history, and culture podcast answering the questions you've always wanted to ask. What are the actual origins of astrology? Why is Kombucha so popular? Who are the Bird Truthers? You ask, we answer. This is the opposite of mansplaining.



Sarah Bedwell & Jane Bertelsen


Sarah Bedwell is a director and teaching artist from West Chester, PA (go Birds). She loves young people and works as an arts administrator and an after school director. When she's not at work (a rare occurrence), she enjoys a good thriller, a too-expensive cup of coffee, and researching access in the arts. She's inexplicably terrified of fish.


Jane Bertelsen is a New York-based actor, singer, and performer. She grew up around the Northeast, with East Boothbay, Maine, being her hometown. She caught the performance bug early when she started taking dance and gymnastics at age 4 and did her first musical at age 9. When she isn't performing, Jane enjoys sewing, reading, and playing with her adorable cats!


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