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Episode 1: How Mercury Caused The Great Depression

We're live, baby! Your two favorite Brooklyn roommates Sarah & Jane are here and releasing a podcast, brought to you right out of Sarah's bedroom. You Know What I've Been Wondering? is a comedy and culture podcast answering some of life's craziest questions. Why is it illegal to use footage of Parliament in comedy shows? What are the actual origins of astrology? Why is everyone angry at that one guy? You ask, we answer. This is the opposite of mansplaining.

HAPPY HUFFLEPUFF PRIDE DAY!Jane explains the history of astrology and drags their Leo sensibilities just a little bit; Sarah dives into the history of Tarot cards and uncovers another French conspiracy theory.  Like what you're hearing? Considering donating to us on Patreon at

Enjoyed Jane's coverage of astrology? Check out this chart below to learn more about your Zodiac sign!

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