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Episode 11: The Not-So-Stellar 1960s

This week, Jane and Sarah covered some heavy stuff - so if you made it through, congratulations! It's a tough world and you're pushing on. We started with a brief discussion on the six-week abortion laws currently being introduced/passed in 12 states. If you want to know what you can do to help, check out this article by The Cut:

Jane then launched into a detailed account of the Vietnam War, a 20 year conflict between North and South Vietnam unsuccessfully mediated by the United States from the 1950s-1970s, and the source of inspiration for hit musicals like Hair, Dogfight, and Miss Saigon, to name a few. The Vietnam War led to the deaths of about 58,000 American soldiers and millions of Vietnam civilians.

In our reddit segment, Jane also facilitated a quick discussion on gun safety. Fact check: having a gun in your home does not make you more safe; in fact, it can make you less safe.

Sarah finally brought up the mood with some good old fashioned conspiracy theory. The Moon Landing Conspiracy began in the 1980s with Bill Kaysing and still persists today! Conspiracy theorists namely cite the Van Allen Radiation Belt and the funky shadows in the moon landing photos as the major reasons why a landing would not have been possible. Also, NASA did have a lot of motives to fake it... just saying.

A rover in question - could this fit on the Lunar Module?

How could there be a footprint without any moisture?

Some rumored to have seen this flag waving... in zero gravity?

One of the photos of a rock on the moon famously shows a letter "C" as if marked as a prop. However, these photos show the original photo with an unmarked rock. NASA believes that at some point, the photo was copied and a hair or thread caught caught in the machine, leaving a little "C" where it wasn't supposed to be. Sounds fishy to me!

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