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Episode 20: Electrolytes, Shopkins & GMOs: Fear of Random Acronyms (with Carissa Simmons)

It's electric-olytes! This week, we're joined by special guest Carissa Simmons. This episode ended up being a confront on Capitalism... whoops! This week, Jane teaches Sarah what electrolytes are and why we (don't) need Gatorade! Carissa introduces us to Shopkins, a new toy sweeping the children's aisles. Sarah explains the pros and cons of the GMO industry, and answers the ultimate question: are they bad for you?

Electrolytes are important! They keep your body properly hydrated and everything in balance. Gatorade, on the other hand, not so important. Did you know gatorade has more than your daily sugar allowance in one bottle? YIKES! Next time, drink coconut water.

Shopkins are the children's toys sweeping stores across the nation. But what are they? Exactly what they look like - any consumer good you can think of with a face on it. And they have hilarious names.

GMOs do not have a good reputation. But do they actually contribute to health problems or lack the nutrition of non-GMOs? No, not really! The GMO industry has a lot of problems, but their effect on your health is not one of them.

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