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Episode 21: Earthquakes & Passports: The Fault in Our Crust

For those of you who live on the East Coast, we hope everyone safely made it through the heatwave and the many blackouts! This week, Sarah and Jane are celebrating the fact that they do not live along a fault line. Jane explains how San Francisco will break away one day - not really, but she does explain the science behind Earthquakes. Earthquakes make you nervous? That's what your passport's for! Sarah explains the history of passports and all of their significances.

Earthquakes are caused by the energy released by the fault lines in tectonic plates as they slide past one another. Earthquakes can be common in areas along fault lines, so always be prepared!

Passports are government issued documents allowing citizens the right to travel in and out of their country. Did you know that passports are considered government property? Passports can also be measured for how powerful they are - as shown above. The more countries your passports allows you to enter, the more powerful your passport is!

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