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Episode 28: Twin Telepathy & Banksy: Double The Fun

It's Wednesday, my dudes! We hope you're not seeing double yet - unless you're an identical twin, that is. This week, Jane shares some fun facts and anecdotes about twin telepathy. Sarah speculates wildly on the identity of Banksy. Plus, ever wonder why everything is funnier when you're tired? We can tell you!

Although there is no scientific evidence to support it, Twin Telepathy is real freaky. There is no known correlation between twin telepathy prevalence in fraternal vs. identical twins. Check out this article from Buzzfeed for some cool anecdotes featuring twin telepathy.

Banksy's graffiti is famous across the world for its bold takes on society, war, and poverty. Still anonymous after 20 years of "bombing" walls with his works, Banksy's art sells for millions of dollars while the police search for the artist illegally installing art around the world. Who do you think it could be?

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