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Episode 45: American Football & Groundhog Day

The big day is almost here: February 2nd. In addition to the all-important Groundhog Day, this year's Superbowl will also take place on Sunday. So get your helmets on and your headphones in: we're gonna make sure you're prepared! This week, Jane explains where American Football came from and Sarah explains why we trust a Groundhog with weather decisions. 

This episode was recorded on Sunday, January 26th and in the midst of recording, Sarah received a notification that basketball legend Kobe Bryant died. Our reactions in the episode are the real thing, not re-enacted for dramatic effect, and at the time we were unaware of the total number of lives lost in the helicopter crash and who they were. We send our love to Kobe and Gianna Bryant's family, and to all the other families affected by this tragedy. 

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